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Tubular Furnaces

from 1200 up to 1800ºC

main features

• Maximum Operating Temperature: 1200/1300/1500/1600/1700/1800ºC
• Fast heat up and cool down rates
• Heating elements with Kanthal metallic alloys, Kanthal Silicon Carbide or Kanthal Super (MoSi2)
• Insulation with Rigid Ceramic Fibre
• Temperature Control with Eurotherm Temperature Controllers
• Power Control through Solid State Relays or Thyristor Units (phase angle fired)


• Possibility of data acquisition through Eurotherm Software ’I-Tools
• Over temperature protection
• Possibility of multi-zone temperature control
• Possibility to work in horizontal or vertical position
• Vacuum or/ and gas control accessories
• Alumina recrystallized, mullite, or quartz tubes, with cooled flanges sealed by Viton O’rings, to work under vacuum or controlled atmosphere.
• Insulation plugs and radiation shields to avoid heat loss and increase temperature uniformity

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