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Grafhite Furnaces

up to 2500ºC

main features

This furnace can be used for a great variety of processes, both for production and research.

• Can be easily used for a variety of high temperature processes: Maximum temperature: 2.500 ºC (vacuum, inert or reduction atmospheres)
• Graphite hot zone
• Accurate user-friendly controls
• Flexible design can be customize for numerous applications.


• Sintering of AIN (aluminium nitride) tooling plates;
• Surface cleaning in SiC (silicon carbide) tooling plates;
• Annealing of sapphire parts.
• Sinter MIM parts of stainless steel and others metals;
• Heat treatment / annealing of metals;
• Carbonisation;
• Materials research, i.e. Boron carbide, carbon/carbon, SiC, etc.

The applications are almost infinitive as long as the work is compatible with a graphite hot zone.

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