Project Ceratool – Development of ceramic cutting tools based on a hybrid FAST/SPS manufacturing process
Starting Date: January 2014
End Date: June 2016
Main Scientific Area: Mechanical Engineer – Mechanical Tecnology
Industrias Mail, SA
Shuton, S.A
Fundación Tekniker
Project´s Goal:
The role of Termolab in the project will be the application of its know-how in the hot-press technique for the consolidation of ceramic products as a starting point to the conditioning of the SPS technology. Optimization ofhybrid FAST/SPS manufacturing technique relies on the combination of strength of both heating systems takingadvantage of the know-how of Nanoker and Termolab. Termolab will also contribute to the scaling-up of FAST/SPS manufacturing technology providing industrial solutions to the supplementary  operations such as poder debinding. The main objective of the project is to manufacture top-grade indexable ceramic cutting tools for the machining of hard materials (hardened steel, nickel-based alloys). The main challenges of the project are:
i) Use of hybrid FAST/SPS equipment for the manufacturing of industrial scale blanks made of an electroconductive ceramic. It will be also performed the design and manufacturing of powder conditioning systems (debinding furnaces, powder handling systems and blanks preparation) for industrial scale SPS equipments.
ii) Design and post-processing of these blanks to produce the cutting-tool by means of advanced machining techniques (EDM, ultrasonic machining, laser machining) that will introduce radical cost-effective processing times  for cutting tool finishing.

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